Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Day and evening was a busy one. In the morning, Chris took the kids to Grandma Pat's to visit her and her beloved dog Bailey.

At home, we got cleaned up and ready to go to Christmas Even Mass at 5 with Grandma Kathy an Grandpa Bob. It was a beautiful Mass. Then, we walked right across the street to their home for dinner and presents. The kids were so excited they hardly allowed us to chew our food!

Alivia excitedly opened art supplies, Addison got a smelly dog from scentcy, and Asher received a new helicopter. I received the option to Sam's Club or Costco (hum, what shall I do?). And Chris got some much needed accessories for his kayak, you know, the one he does not have but dreams about often. Addison was so tired she begged us to go home.

Once at home, we read the kids the last of the What God Wants for Christmas" story and tucked them in for the night. We scrambled to prepare for Santa. I lost 2 gifts and a case for Alivia's iPod. Seriously, where does this stuff disappear to?

We are ready for Santa...

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