Saturday, December 31, 2011

365 Project COMPLETED!

Today marked the 365th day of my photo project or taking one picture a day for 365 days. I know, whatever right?! Sounds easy. Well, it would be easy if I took a picture of my dinner, the laundry, or just any old thing. But, I really tried, at least most days, to be creative.

365 / 365 100% complete!
I have learned a lot in the last year. I have learned to appreciate the beauty that is around me. Before starting this project, I would go on my runs and overlook the blue herons and the beautiful sunrises. Now, I am always observing pretty things in nature (and good photo opportunities). I am also having fun taking fun pictures of my family. Since our kiddos were born, I have always taken a lot of pictures of them. I have found, now, more creative ways to capture those cute moments of childhood. We have had a busy, fun year, and look forward to what 2012 will bring.

In 2012, Chris and I will be doing a 365 project TOGETHER! So, yeah I'm done and Yeah to a new beginning. Maybe this year I will purchase a zoom lens to go with the box lens we have now. And maybe, just maybe, I will learn what all these setting are on the camera. Chris will show a little of his creativity and artistry, too! I can't wait to see that.

Until then, Happy New Year!


Crown said...
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Crown said...

Congratulations on your success!