Friday, December 23, 2011

Visit to Grandma and Grandpa's

So it has become our tradition the last few years to visit the Great Grandparents on Christmas Eve. Well, Christmas Eve is becoming busy, so we started early by visiting Grandma and Grandpa Austin today. The kids opened presents from them, and we visited a little bit.

As you can see, Asher got pretend guns. No, I am not a fan of guns. I do not believe a 4 year old can tell the difference between toy guns and real guns, so I do not think they should be toys. However, with that said, Chris' Grandpa shopped all over looking for these specific guns with the holster. So, I could not tell him no! Asher has had fun playing with them, too, as well as the girls! The girls got new things for their hair and teddy bears. And, as an added surprise, we saw deer in Grandma's back yard!

It was nice to see Grandma and Grandpa and  be able to see and wish them a Merry Christmas in person! Merry Christmas! Now, onto the rest of the festivities!

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