Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saying Hello, & then Good Bye

Baby Emma & Mommy Laura
Addison, Asher and I went to visit our friends last week and meet new baby Emma. Addison was excited to see the baby, where Asher was just excited to play with Simon.

We arrived later than planned because I could not wake up early enough to make the food before taking Alivia to school at 8. But, we did arrive.

We met the beautiful Emma, dressed in all pink, with beautiful dark hair. She looked like a little doll in her mommy's arms. Laura and I talked for a bit before she said she had news. For whatever reason, I wanted to say, "Please, just don't tell me." I had looked forward to seeing her new little baby and did not want anything to change that.

Then, before I could stop her, Laura said the words, "We're moving."

I knew she did not mean they were moving across the street or across town but far away. Who would move on purpose with a 2 week old? And, she then said that her husband got a job as a CFO at a well known company and they would be relocating to Minnesota.

I knew I was supposed to be happy for them. Who gets one blessing now adays let alone 2 within 2 weeks? But, I couldn't be. The selfish part of me just wanted to get up and run out of there. But I didn't. I even stayed longer than the 45 minutes I had planned on staying (I hate to stay with Addi and Asher when someone has a new baby. The new baby is overwhelming enough without having 2 additional kids in your home).

By the time I left, I was in tears.

I will miss our friends. Addison was sad, too, saying that Simon was her friend. They played well together. But, I know our friends will be happy in their new city in their new home. And, who could pass up a CFO position anyway? Congrats is what I should have said!

I will find new friends the longer we are here. But some friends can not be replaced. We will forever miss them!

Congrats to our friends...we wish them the best!

PS...Is it completely clear here that I am awful at the good-bye part?

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