Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Good Bye Piper...

After months of struggling to make our decision, this evening we had to say good bye to our beloved cat, Piper. I miss her already! Piper has been a member of our family, even before we had kids. We loved her like she was our child.

There are many reasons why now was the best time, but the primary reasons is the development of allergies.

Over the years, the kids have played with Piper like she was their sibling. The girls have played babies with her, put Piper in doll clothes, and Piper has even been in the doll stroller! She took it all in stride.

But, after finding a good family with 2 young boys, we could not pass it up. Piper is now in very good hands in an Omaha home. We made sure she would be cared for. The family even said we could visit them anytime. And, we may just do that. Afterall, Piper was not gone 5 minutes and I heard her meow! It will be a while before we get another pet (if this works out) because saying good bye is just too hard (When I told Asher, he was upset at first but quickly moved onto playing. Addison did not seem to care one bit. Alivia, well, she will find out after school today. :( ).

Good Bye Piper...we love you!

Piper CatnappingThe Kids with PiperAsher & PiperAlivia & PiperAlivia giving Piper LoveAsher snuggles to Piper after naptimeQueen of the HousePiper, Sitting Pretty

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