Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today the girls and I rode along with our friends Kim and Nyah for a girls afternoon show to see Pinkalicious! at the Rose. We arrived in time to wait in the line to enter the theater. The girls received pink necklaces while we waited. Once inside, we turned our vouchers in for our actual tickets. Then, we had a decision to make - wait in line downstairs or go to the balcony. Addison selected the balcony. We waited a few minutes again upstairs before they let us in to find a seat. We selected a front row seat (or I selected one). Now, maybe the second row would have been better because the bar was right in front of us. But, the view was beautiful.

We then waited about a half hour for the performance to begin. Addison was in awe of the moving clouds on the ceiling and all of the statues (that were naked). She is very observant. Alivia did not say much but eat her candy that Ms. Kim provided. (Thanks Kim!). 

Shortly after 2, the show began. The show followed the book, more or less. Addison liked it when Pinkalicious' brother turned pink and when the Mom said, "You get what you get and you don't get upset." I say it similar but I say, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." Too cute that Addison noticed that. Alivia just said she liked it. She is so opinionated these days.

It was a fun afternoon. Asher had fun at home with Grandma Bet waiting for Daddy to return from his airplane trip (he arrived home after 5). We should do more girl days and give Asher some time for Daddy bonding. We will shoot for that next time. 

Going to the Rose?
* Arrive early. It is general admission. With that said, there were some reserved spots for large groups and birthday parties.

* Bring a still camera, no video of course.
* Bring something for kids to do while they wait.
* Snacks if food is allowed inside the theater though.
* Have fun!
Alivia & Nyah

Alivia & Nyah
The girls at the show (Addi eating her candy!).

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