Saturday, September 05, 2009

Monkey Boy Asher

Oh comes Trouble! Asher has turned into a little monkey! He may be inching his way towards 2 years (at 21 months), but he thinks he is a big boy!

Today, as we thought Asher was down for a nap, all of a sudden I heard his toy truck making noise and hitting his door. Humm, how is that possible when he is in his crib? Sure enough, Asher had somehow climbed out of his crib. Chris asked Asher to show Daddy how he escaped (yet again!) from his crib. Asher just threw his leg way up on to the siderail of the crib and started to pull himself up! I quickly stopped him, telling him, "No, Asher, you will get an owie doing that!"

He never went to sleep, but did not try escaping again,at least today.

Later, while we were playing outside, Asher decided today was the day he would climb the rockwall on the playset. Without any shoes, he dug his toes into the wood to get to the next rock (he is way to short to go from one rock to the next!).

Needless to say, Asher will have even closer eyes on him in the days to come!

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