Thursday, August 06, 2009

Potty Training: Take 3 - Asher's Writing on the Wall.

I have been dragging my feet knowing that I needed to start potty training Asher while the weather is nice out. Our method of potty training is having the kids go naked from the waist down so they can really feel when they have to or do go potty. The girls wore dresses, Asher just wears his big t-shirts (but he wears underwear outside as he is too busy outside playing and can not go completely naked!).

Anyway, I was trying to wait until next week or even the week Alivia starts kindergarten to start potty training. It is best if we are at home for 7 days straight until the kids get the hang of  what to do. Well, Asher had his mind made up - he wants to start now! Or, perhaps I should say, he needs to be potty trained now!!

The evidence. Below are some images that may be disturbing (so I have kept them to the neighborhood only) but illistrate why I am sure he is ready NOW. This is what I woke up to this morning at 7AM! He was quiet and I just peeked into his room to see if he was awake. Um, yes, he was awake all right! He did the same thing yesterday afternoon when he was supposed to be napping. I kept telling him to be quiet (he can hear EVERYTHING I do in the kitchen and is typically yelling, "Mama!" with every move I make. Anyway, I finally went into his room to rock him and uncovered images similar to these below. UGH!

"Mama, POOP" Asher said. Lovely!
Needless to say, the "writing is on the wall" or shall I say crib, that Asher needs to be potty trained! He handed me the "paint" saying, "Mama, POOP!" Lovely, Asher! What a lil' stinker!

So today, in the midst of all the Austin Chaos, I started the task of potty training Asher. He has gone potty on the potty before (once last week) and did not have a clue what he had just done. He is, after all, only 20 months old! However, he is starting to pick up on things. After going down the slide outside, he yelled, "Mommy - PEE!!" as he relieved himself on the slide. I quickly ran him to the potty to finish. He sits on the potty well and patiently, but without success. I am starting this process much younger than with the girls, but Asher hates having a wet and poopy diaper, and the above behavior can not continue.

We have plans tomorrow to be out for a bit in the morning, but I think we will try and stay home for the next few days and play in the sun around here. That way, with any luck, Asher will find out where that paint is really supposed to go - IN THE POTTY!

Wish me luck!

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