Friday, August 14, 2009

The Final? Moving Verdict

After a year, the final word was left to Chris. Neither Chris or I are gambling people. If we went to Vegas, we would eat and shop. With that said, I voted to move. We had a few homes we liked in part that we could make our own that were near Chris' work and near elementary schools. Our home was ready, and many of our items were already packed away. I hoped that by moving asap, it would have little effect on Alivia on her first year at school. However, Chris was not willing to take the risk of selling and not having a home (because you never know how long your home will be on the market and if those favorite homes would still be on available). He was also not willing to throw away over $8000 a year in taxes when we can live here for under $4000 a year. That is $4000 we can use to save or spend on a number of things! He would probably have done anything to have moved if Alivia was not going to be starting school on Monday. I think that was a huge hang up for him. He also could see us staying, paying off our mortgage, and having plenty of money saved for college, retirement, and for the travels we would like to do as a family. We would be spending more of the monthly budget if we moved, and he did not like that. As Chris put, "We don't have to move, but we do HAVE to save!" So, in the end, we are staying put.

I, for one, do not want to revisit this topic for quite some time. I am worn out from the cleaning, organizing and getting our home ready for sale in addition to the shopping for the right home. It was exhausting. And to think that it was done for nothing is more than frustrating! Next time, if there ever is a next time and I am not saying there ever will be, we are listing it ASAP. For one thing, it is harder to back out of it once you are listed. For another, a home sells faster when listed.

Now, I am going to kick back and watch the house get messy AND NOT CARE!

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Austin Family said...

AMEN!, to the last sentence. - Chris