Friday, August 14, 2009

Parents Night & Kindergarten Orientation

Safe walk to school 2009Alivia & DaddyMeeting Miss MoranAlivia at her deskAlivia's lockerChecking out the schoolRoom #6 with Miss MoranIn the Gym watching the kids playLunch time!

Wednesday, August 12 was Kindergarten parent's orientation at Standing Bear. This, obviously, is our first child to reach the school age. It is so scary! Chris and I had a few questions, and it seemed as if we were the only ones with them (I think Chris asked 5 questions!). We now have met her teacher, Miss Moran, and know where to drop off Alivia and pick her up. We know about the flow of the day, what time she eats (11:20), the daily schedule, and where she will be napping. The talked about the "Boo Hoo or Yahoo" Breakfast following dropping her off that first day of school. Sorry, I do not think I am going to want to socialize! It is going to be a traumatic day for all of us, I think. I have been crying in anticipation of the first day for a while now, so Lord knows what I will be like on Monday!

Last night was the safe walk to school night/open house. Alivia met Miss Moran, saw her desk and locker. We walked around the school again, pointing out the gym and lunch room. Alivia is now saying she does not want to go. She could not believe it when I told her she would be at school from after Curious George in the mornings until Asher woke up from his nap in the afternoons (that was the best way to describe the day to her I thought). She told me she would be worn out by the end of that day. It was so long! I could not have agreed with her more. She is also concerned that she will miss doing fun things with Addison and Asher. I think it is so sad. I think all day kindergarten is crazy! Alivia had fun at the open house, but was concerned about when I would be leaving her at school

We have 3 full days left before she is off to school and Chris and I begin the school years phase of life. We will miss our little Alivia every second of every day. I think it may be difficult for me, at least, to sent Alivia to school for a few reasons. First of all, I believe being at home with her every day makes it more difficult on both of us because we are not used to being apart from each other. That alone will be a big adjustment. We have our quiet times together every day, so I think that time of day will be the most difficult. But, we think she is overall ready, so we can not selfishly keep her home anymore.

Additionally, I had one of the most traumatic kindergarten initiations that I have heard, as anyone in my class probably remembers. After loving kindergarten round-up, I did not want to leave my parents (who were always home with me as farmers) to go to all day kindergarten. I think the first day went okay. It was the days following when I decided I did not want to miss Captain Kangaroo and my Mommy and Daddy. I would miss the bus every day, so my Dad would have to take me. One time he told me that I was chasing after him in the pick-up as he dropped me off in front of the school (times were different then!). I was of course, crying. He just rolled down the window and tilted the mirror so he could no longer see me, and kept driving! I guess he knew it was in my best interest to walk back into school. Once inside, I kept crying. So my kindergarten teacher gave me a couple spankans. Now if that does not get a kid to like kindergarten, I don't know what will. Eventually I caved in, mostly out of fear, and participated in school, going on to be the salutatorian and told of my start to school in my graduation speech. Needless to say, times have changed a bit, but it still scares me to send any of our kids to school for obvious reasons.

Alivia will begin school on Monday. Although we hate to see her go, we are excited for her as well. She is such a big girl! Chris and I, along with Addison and Asher, will be with Alivia for her big moment and send off, rooting for her all the way.

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