Saturday, August 01, 2009

Date Night w/ Hubs!

Last night Chris and I went on a date to see a movie. This is my first movie in the theater since the Dark night! We decided, finally, on seeing the Ugly Truth. It was a funny movie, but Chris and I would rate it a C. Definitely a rental. We stopped by Old Chicago to get a quick pizza to take home before it stormed. Of course, we arrived home just as the storm set in, Asher and Addison both got up. We ended up eating cold pizza and hot beer. I guess next time we will just eat in the restaurant.

We love date nights now that we are finally out taking them. We took 2 nights out in July actually (3 if you count our canoe ride at the Lake). We got Chris' parents to watch the kiddos early in July and our babysitter last night. Now...what will we do on our next date...and when? I can't wait!

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