Saturday, October 25, 2008

Visit to the Great Pumpkin

There are always many events around before Halloween. Last year we started attending some of these events. They are good in that it is daytime, the kids get to practice, weather usually is not an issue, and I can make sure that the costumes are put together and ready for Halloween (and we get more good out of the pricey little costumes!). This year, Alivia is Tinkerbell, Addison is Tom Arma's ladybug, and Asher is Tom Arma's Tiger (because he is such a go getter!). Today we went to visit the "Great Pumpkin" at our local HyVee store & then the kids got to trick-or-treat around the store. Alivia was real good about saying "Trick or treat" followed by "thank-you." Addison was actually starting to get into it. We then went to visit Grandma Pat before coming back home.

Now we know what the Great Pumpkin looks like since we never he or she was never seen in the Charlie Brown Special!


Addison, the Ladybug, Alivia, Tinkerbell, Asher the Tiger Grrrr!The Great Pumpkin does exist!Snow White!Visit to Grandma Patricia's

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