Friday, October 24, 2008

12 Years, But Who's Counting...

I'm pretty sure Chris has this date marked as the beginning of the best of his life, and he is just waiting for the right moment to say something about it. :) Anyway, On October 22, 1996, a whole lifetime ago it seems, Chris and I went out on our first date to Old Chicago. Tonight I plan on getting take out from there and a movie after the kids go to bed to mark the occasion. I still have the datebook where I wrote "went out with Chris Austin to Old Chicago" as well as Chris' note on how to get to my apartment to pick me up at 7:00 PM (and he was right on time). 

At the time, Chris had graduated with his BS degree and was working at Clarkson's critical care unit as a tech, where he had been working for a while, until he decided what he wanted to do next. I was in nursing school as well as working part time at the Gap and at the Critical Care Unit as a tech. How did the date come about? Well, I wrote a note and stuck it in Chris' work mail box asking if he would want to hang out sometime. He called that very same night and took me up on the offer. Chris was (and still is) very shy. He was the first guy that I went out with that opened the car door for me even after the first date, called me whenever he wanted, & took several dates (and a month) to kiss me for the first time! And, the rest... the Austin life now.

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