Thursday, October 02, 2008

Acorn Acres Adventure

This week's BIG ADVENTURE (we try to take at least one BIG ADVENTURE during the work week) was a visit to Fontenelle Forest. We walked through the doors to the forest and were greeted by 6 to 8 deer! I knew that we had made a good decision to come early. Acorn Acres is within the forest. It is a natural playscape that offers children a unique place for unstructured play and outdoor learning. The kids had fun playing in the dirt, tree house, waterfall, wooden blocks, beaver house, fox's den, music and so much more! Then we took a little walk to view the Missouri River. It was a beautiful little walk with Eco Huts along the way. It was beautiful, educational and fun all in one. Inside, there were other educational exhibits as well as little costumes that Alivia loved to try out. It was a fun morning!

As an extra special treat, we met Daddy at a park near his work and had a picnic. It was a fun day! (sign in to see many of the pictures from our fun outing & see if you want to check it out, too!).


Deer welcoming us!ClimbingAsher in the tunnelAsher in the treehousePlaying with blocksAlivia at the waterfallAddison making musicPlaying in the dirtBeautiful pathway...Bzzz!Picnic with Daddy

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