Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Asher at 11 months

Asher is 11 months old today! Oh, how time flies! Firsts for Asher this month were getting his first official haircut (and of course, we do not like it) and first autumn! He is getting so big that he is called “a little chunk” by almost everyone who sees him. Asher likes: eating, crawling, taking a bath, & crawling up the steps. Dislikes: Waiting to eat and having his diaper changed.

Asher is still a cruising and has only taken steps by accident (but we saw him!). With how Asher tends to scare us (um, RSV in Dec, escaping from his crib, and a black eye during story time…do I need to say more), I would prefer he stay on all 4’s for a while. He now goes up the stairs with ease (even when I have my head turned!), and I am trying to teach him to scoot down like Addison used to do.  He can stand alone for longer periods now, too. His new found toy is a push toy that he has started to walk behind. You should see his smile when he is on the move behind that toy! Although he was waving a while ago, he really goes at it now. He was waving at everyone at church last Sunday! He says “Mama” “Dada,” “Bye Bye,” “more” and “Hi and we have gotten him to repeat some other words like, “ball.” He just started talking more the last week or so.  He is a good little imitator. He watches Alivia and Addison dance, so now he dances! He likes to imitate Daddy’s sounds and movements best (which may be scary).  He just started using a couple baby signs yesterday! He signs “more” (although he can say more, too), loves to clap his hands, shakes his head no & “up” (he has been doing for a while).  This may not sound like much, but Addison was much older when she started signing.

So, what does Asher like to do? Other than follow his sisters EVERYWHERE, he likes to play under things (like the table, exersaucer, etc), opening and shutting  cupboard doors taking things out and scattering them about, stroller rides, reading books, peek-a-boo before naptime, playing in our tunnel system and playing outside (weather permitting of course).

Did I mention how much he likes to eat? Although he liked table foods at first, he now is going backwards for some reason. His favorite table foods are grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and yogurt. If he could tell me, he prefers baby food because it makes him full quicker so he can get down and play. We are constantly telling the boy to sit in his chair, so I think he will be in a booster chair as soon as he can walk. He is now nursing 2x a day and taking an open cup the rest of the time.  I hope to be down to nursing 1x a day by a year so I can easily wean him.

Asher is still sleeping 7:30-6:30, then back to sleep for another hour or so. I don’t mind the 6:30 wake-up call because it gives us time before the girls wake up (and we can watch the news instead of Curious George!). He naps usually from 12:30-4. Asher does not like to be woke up, but is a very light sleeper. So, we are considering switching his room with Alivia. Too bad Alivia does not want to switch unless she gets to sleep in the same room as Addison.

Hard to believe that the invitations are going out today for Asher’s 1 year birthday party. Where oh where has our baby boy gone?

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