Saturday, October 25, 2008

Update Time

1. Potty Time: Yeah, we are almost down to one in diapers! Addison is doing so good on the potty. I think by next weekend, she will be ready to move into her toddler bed (which is her crib with a toddler railing put on) so that she can get up and go potty at night time and naptime, too, if needed (and then there will be the possibility of her getting out of bed, too!). She is wearing a diaper now when we go out (but is using public potties), naptime and nighttime. Next week we should be ready to give up the diaper when we go out as she is staying dry. Then we can move onto the night time challenge. We are using reward stickers as well as 1 m&m for #1 and 2 m&ms for #2. She loves that part, even if it is breakfast time!

2. Ebay. I am still working on putting things up on Ebay some. It is so hard to see each little, adorbably baby item go though. It is painful for me. It would be so much easier if these things would sell at a garage sale. There are times when things do not sell on Ebay. I usually try before putting them in a pile for the used clothing store. I took some items to one store that were nice name brand clothes, and the store would not take them because they were older than 3 years. Funny, 2 of the items they refused I put on Ebay right away. They sold for $30 for the 2 outfits! Um, their loss is my gain, I guess! Ebay is a lot of time-consuming busy work, in my opinion. It takes me forever to put a couple items on there.

3. Moving. Humm. Then there is that. We said a month ago that we for sure are not moving. But, it is still being tossed around. We are not ruling it out yet. We are looking into our options now. I have a house all picked out even, but we have yet to see it in person. It is amazing how good some of these homes look online versus in person! There are a lot of things going into play if we move or stay, but it is always in our conversations (and usually, we want to move so bad!). But, if you watch the news, now does not seem like the best time to even buy milk let alone a new home!

4. Part-time job. I was considering a nursing job part time. It was 15 hours. I was just not ready to commit to that. And, Chris did not want me to take it (or any job). I did then apply to Janie and Jack, a small retail store that is a high end Gymboree. I have shopped online at this store for the kids, but this is the first store to come to our area. I did take the job, but I am unsure if I am ready for this. The pay does not cover my gas money to and from the store. :) I would be doing it for adult interaction for the most part. I am not sure I want adult interaction that much. I do get a discount at J and J and at Gymboree. However, I only buy things there when they are really on sale anyway, so I do not see my discount affecting my shopping habits. We will see. The store opens October 30. So, if you are in the area of Village Pointe, stop in and check it out. I am only working a few hours a week, so I probably will not be there, though. We will see how long this will last. I miss the kids (and Chris, too) just thinking about it. I know, I am such a baby.

I think that covers it for now.

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