Thursday, July 08, 2010

Play Date Recap

Today is Thursday and the kids have had 4 play dates already and have another one scheduled for today! We have been so busy that I have been too busy to even turn on my computer!

Tuesday morning we met the Vintons at Halleck Park in Papillion. It is the kids' favorite park. It got a little steamy before we came back to our house to play and eat. It was a fun morning. After a brief nap for Addison and Asher, we went back to Oak Heights Pool with the Allen's. It was an absolute perfect day to go. It was not too hot, no wind and it was not busy at the pool. We arrived at 3 and left at the 5 o'clock rest break...which was perfect.

After a quiet morning of shopping yesterday ( was not quiet), Asher had his first playdate WITHOUT mommy along with his cousins Henry, Baby Ben and Lucas. Asher told me how much fun he had before he went to bed. It was so cute. I guess they played in the sprinklers and played with toys, according to Asher. :) He was ready for bed last night!

Now today...we are off to another play date. Isn't summer fun?

Alivia & MilesAsher and Addison slidingWeeeee!A little treat...

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