Friday, July 23, 2010

Life in the Quiet Lane

Daddy got to enjoy 7 days of peace and quiet while the kids and I were at the lake. He arrived home Friday at 6 and we returned Thursday around 4. So...what did Daddy do?

Well, I don't even know for sure. When he arrived home, he mowed, trimmed and watered our trees. Over the weekend, he adjusted to the quiet space of our home and caught up on his work so he had less to do when he returned on Monday.

During the week, he helped his Dad do some work on their deck one night, took a nap one night, and mowed again before I returned so I did not have to do it (thank you!).

Although he would never admit it, I believe he did enjoy his peace and quiet. Believe me, the noise quickly returned when we arrived home and Daddy new his alone time was over. Well, at least for 16 or so more years.

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