Thursday, July 29, 2010

The OCM and Meeting Clifford

This morning we visited the Omaha Children's Museum. We were invited to go in the afternoon, but we really needed naps today.

We started upstairs at the Clifford exhibit. It was not too busy at first and the kids were really having fun. Then, Clifford himself came to visit! I guess he visits on Thursdays and Saturdays. How fun! So, the kids got to give him a hug and get a blurry picture taken with my phone since my camera sat on the kitchen counter. Asher was scared of him, but still gave the Big Red Dog a high five.

We played downstairs in the play space and the ball room until lunch time, when Addi said, "Mommy, I am tired today."

I hope we get to visit again before Alivia goes back to school. Am I the only one that hates to see summer end and school start?

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