Thursday, July 29, 2010

Members Play Date at the Zoo

July Visit to the ZooGetting WetSi, Miles and Alivia walking the bridgeFeeding the Fish

Yesterday was member's day at the zoo. The kids had just went to the zoo on Monday with Grandma Kathy, but we had a play date with the Vintons that the kids were really excited about.

We met up with them at 10 and it was not quite unbearably hot yet. We went through the upper and lower floors of the jungle. I had not been on the lower floor in years since it is not always stroller friendly. The temperature was more reasonable and less humid actually. It was fun to see the animals downstairs. I did not remember all they had down there!

We next visted some outdoor exhibits on our way to our picnic next to the Rainbow play systems. It was nice and hot for my friend Laura who is expecting their third baby is 5 weeks. She is very brave! After lunch, Addison stepped in a huge hole of mud and immediately wanted to go home. She had a short bout of the stomach flu on Tuesday, so she just was not acting 100% of herself.

So, shortly after lunch, we made our way out of the zoo. It was a fun morning, and we got some train passes for our next visit!

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