Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Family Addition

I had a deal with Chris and the kids.


We have been having trouble with our cat since we moved. She is refusing to poo in her liter box. Seriously, new house, poo poo all over it? Not a good combo. I would have gotten rid of the cat immediately if we did not have kids and the humane society was a bit closer. We have tried EVERYTHING to no avail.

Well, Saturday I awoke from my nap (I had to work an overnight shift Saturday night, so I napped with Asher so I can stay awake all night), there was something new Alivia wanted to show me.

A Beta they named Nemo (But NEMO was NOT a Beta!).

So, I had to ask, "Where is Piper?"

Oh, she was downstairs. They bought more pet supplies to keep her from pooping all over. Nice. Someone did not understand If Then statements in school.

So, today I have 2 pets to care for - a cat who continues to poop in our basement and a fish. Lovely. Here's to hoping they both escape so I can go back to just being a mom.

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