Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Into week 35...When is the baby coming?

Oh, if I only knew when the baby was coming...I would not have to keep up with the laundry, try to keep the house spotless, get all of my office work done every night, etc, etc. Now, my boss wants me to have this baby sooner than later because she wants me to return by the national sales meeting. Grandparents are asking that I wait to have the baby until after their anniversary party. My parents want the baby to be born on a day they are already in town (and obviously during the day). Chris' Mom has asked that the baby come when she is off work (although the baby is going to be born at the labor and delivery unit where she works), and Chris would like the baby to come in the morning or early afternoon so it is not too much disruption on our sleep (like with Addison we got off to a rough start since she was born just before midnight). I, for one, am ready whenever the baby is fully ready. Well, the only One who knows when the baby is coming is God. Seriously...I am not having a scheduled C-section or induction. So, I do not know and my doctor does not know when this baby is going to be born. That is another one of the joys of pregnancy, and yet another surprise.

My appointment today found me to be only at 1 cm. My doctor was expectng 4-5cm, so she was surprised. We will see what progress, if any, is made in the next week. I do not recall where I was at with Addison at 36 weeks (and she was born 1 day shy of 37 weeks). I never even made it to the 36 week appointment with Alivia, so we will not go there.

So, the joys and surprises of pregnancy continue.

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