Sunday, November 04, 2007

Grandparents Weekend

Alivia hugging Great Grandma MarciAlivia, Addison and I with GG GeorgeGrandma Midge reads to AliviaThey loved this pig!Alivia & Addi with GG Austin

It is not an official Holiday or anything, but this weekend turned out to be our Grandparents weekend. After seeing both Grandparents on Halloween, we continued to the visits seeing the Great Grandparents on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, we visited with Great Grandma Marci (my Mom's Mom). She always loves so see the girls, but they tend to wear her out (she is 96 years old after all!). After our visit, we went to a memorial Mass for Grandpa Lou and saw Great Grandma Patricia briefly. Alivia and Addison did well considering it was during dinner time and they were both tired. Chris got a lot out of the Mass and found it helpful.
Saturday afternoon, we went out and visited with Great Grandpa George. He was happy to have visitors and gave me a kiss right away. :) The girls were very curious as to what was going on at the home where he is. We ended our Saturday by visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Austin. The girls were wild there, to say the least. They love playing with their toys.
We are finding everyone to have an opinion on the baby. Grandma Marci thinks the baby is a boy, and Grandpa Harold (Austin) just wants me to be sure to have the baby after his big anniversary party on December 2. I had to smile at both comments.
Today we are all adjusting to the new time. Chris attempted to put together Addison's new bed this morning after Mass. Too bad the bed would not cooperate. So, now we hoping they have a replacement piece so we do not have to order it, and that is all I will say about that. Chris then went out in the beautiful weather and put up the Christmas lights/decor. What a great day to do it. He is afraid if he waits any longer, it will be too cold &/or icy on the roof. Inside, I made another new recipe that I will post if it turns out and prepared meals for the week.
Off to another busy week...

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