Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Shopping All Done?

My goal was to have our Christmas shopping complete by Halloween. Well, I missed it just a little. I finished up the last of the shopping (for Chris) last night online. Topher's list was in Greek this year (computer and PS3 stuff), so I do not know what I bought him. However, the shopping is complete! Yeah! Now that I am done, I can spend the next few weeks pondering if we should still buy the girls this fold-up baby doll house ( or the Zooper strollers at Pottery Barn Kids. We still want to have that AWE factor under the tree for them. I am sure Chris and I will be busy doing other things between now and Christmas that these gifts I think they HAVE TO HAVE will soon be forgotten. Oh, thank goodness we are done! Now, we can just wait for our special little gift to arrive...

...happy shopping everyone!

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niko said...

I have been shopping for myself lately.