Sunday, June 10, 2007

A week gladly over.

Brent and Henry
Henry's Baptism
Baby Henry
Jumping on the trampoline

What a week. After all that went on last week, it is no wonder why our entire family now has a cold. I am now just getting the sore I guess it's my turn. After the whole daycare incident (and the 2 prior ones) Chris and I are done with childcare. We are going to utilize family for the mean time until we can figure something out. Chris will maybe consider a nanny type person to just watch our girls and maybe ours with their own children. But, that is it. And, that is a big maybe, too. We just had no idea the evil in this world until this week. It is really sad. Why can't we live closer to my friend, Heidi? :)

Today was our nephew Henry's baptism. Chris is honored to be his Godfather. We already marked it in the calendar so we can be sure to recognize his baptism day yearly. Chris wants to be the best Godparent and uncle he can be. I will post pictures when I get them loaded.

We are praying for a nice, peaceful week this week. I really do not think we can take too many more twists, turns and surprises. But, you never know...

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