Thursday, June 28, 2007

Addison's Going to Be 1 Year Old!

Join us for fun under the sun,

As Addison Rose turns ONE!

Sunday, July 15th at 3pm

Well, the invitations have been snail mailed out! It is difficult to believe that Addison is going to be 1 already. We are having a party with family to celebrate her big day (which is actually on the 12th). We plan on having sandwiches, salads, a Big "1" cake, and icecream. I will, of course, post tons a pictures! Hopefully Addison can open up a bit and enjoy her party.

On July 12th, you can see Addison on Channel 6's 1st Birthdays at 5:45 and 6:45am. Until then, Addison will continue to have us all chasing after her, up the stairs, around the house, around the park, and around the yard. One day after turning 11 months, she got her first tooth on the bottom. She is trying to do a lot of chewing with the one tooth that is barely showing! Unlike her sister, she is a picky little eater. She pushes food away, or, if Mommy is persistant, she will take the food and then toss it. That is always a lot of fun (imagine a bowl, which was to stick to the table, full of homemade mac n cheese tossed on our wood floor. YUCKY!). She is a little lovebug, coming up to us just to give us a hug several times a day. We love that! We love this stage, as with every stage of our girls' lives. You have to enjoy every moment while you can. 

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