Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Addison turns 11 months old!

Our little baby is growing into a little girl. She is setting her own pace, as both of our girls tend to do. Unlike Alivia at this age, Addison gets around by crawling and cruising well. Outside, however, she moves like a spider, never allowing her body to touch the ground. Addison can stand alone - but refuses to take her first steps. She has perfected crawling upstairs and up the slide (the baby one at the park and the toddler slide we have in our basement)! She shows no interest in climbing the steps and going down the right way on the slide in our basement, either. She is quite vocal, mostly squeeling to get her needs met. Her only words: Mama, Dada and Piper (our cat). I am strict with words though. I have to hear her say something twice for me to count it. Unlike with Alivia, I am not allowing others to convince me that there is something wrong with her because she is not talking nor walking. As a nurse by education, I realize babies set their own pace. Addison has yet to do any signs. Alivia was signing at 8 months, but I have not had as much time to focus on this with Addison. She waves, does the whole SO BIG, and shakes her head yes. But as far as signing milk, more, eat, etc...she just has not shown interest. I am hoping in the next month she will begin to communicate by signing.

Addison's favorite things continue to be her taggies and her favorite toy is her little piano that her big sister colored green today. She also loves to play with rocks outside, but I am waiting for her to try and eat them. Inside she has found the pantry, the towel drawer and the storage containers. Letting her go crazy while I get dinner can get rather messy. One of Chris and my favorite things about Addison is her sleeping habits. We lay her down at night with her taggie and she goes right to sleep without a peep. When she wakes in the morning, she lays, sits or stands quietly until I check on her and see she is awake! The same thing goes for naptime! Gotta love that!

In one month, she will be 1 year old. That is so hard to believe!

Addison will have her 11 month pictures taken on this Thursday. Check out proofs at http://www.capturetoday.photosite.com/. Look for Addison's proofs to be available Friday or Monday of next week probably. I will post her picture from today as soon as I get it loaded.

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