Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Decision

Oh the drama this week. I did not know a week could be so long! Seriously.

Anyway, Wednesday was a day of uncertainty. Nobody returned Chris' phone calls or emails, so he had no idea what his options really were. So, by Wednesday night, we were set on taking the relocation and Chris taking the permanent decision in Tampa.

Asher was in preschool this morning. So, I went to work. I mowed, organized and tried to start cleaning the utility room. I was hoping to have the house on the market by Tuesday, so time was of the essence. I was thinking we should try and get the house sold as quickly as possible before the snow started flying, and so the kids could start at their new schools in Florida at midterm. I did not get as far as to call the real estate agent (although I had already called our agent to just see how the market was moving), but I knew he was awaiting our call if necessary.

Low and behold, Chris calls this afternoon with news, unexpected news. The manager for the Florida job agreed to transfer him offer to her team (out of Pennsylvania), placing him temporary on the Florida position he has been filling for 6 months. In doing so, he can continue his monthly travels to Tampa working the other half of the time from his home office here in Nebraska. His new manager did not want to lose Chris on this up and coming project, so she saved him from the sharks in Bellevue.

So, for the time being, we are not moving to Tampa. Really, I found myself relieved of the news that he had a more stable job now, but disappointed that we would have to endure another winter in Nebraska. The possibility is still there that Chris will need to relocate come spring. And, after a year of spending 50% of his time in the Tampa Bay area, Chris may be more than ready to move there anyway!

Next week he will be bad to work as usual from his home office until his next travel date. I am guessing he is looking forward to cleaning out his abandoned desk at Bellevue over the weekend. After just over 14 years of employment there, I am sure he will be packing up memories of years gone by, too.

Let the new era begin.

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Courtney F said...

WOW! Praying for you guys