Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blogger Privacy!

I don't know what to do.

You see, I have a statcounter on this very site. Yes, yes, I do. I don't know specifically who you are, but I know where you are at and I know your IP address.

So, here is the thing. I checked my statcounter tonight to find that someone has been looking at each post, picture, EVERYTHING from back in 2006 when I started to today. They have gone to the now closed vox where I started, to wordpress where I was at the same time I started blogger. Is this person copying everything? What in the world is this person doing? This person is in Liverpool, Pennsylvania. See, I told you I knew where you were.

I don't mind people across the world reading the blog to gather information. I have readers from all over the world to look at Spiderman birthday party invitations (yes, I also know what they read on my blog and how long they spend on my blog), to read up on Turbo Fire and to find out if dryer sheets are necessary. But, to read up/copy (seriously, what is this person doing exactly???!!!) from 6:52pm until now and it is after 9pm now. I find this creepy.

Maybe I should go private. I have made my not updated and old wordpress private and not searchable. I sure do not want to see a bunch of cute images of my kiddos popping up on a billboard in Liverpool or worse.

Seriously, what's up?!

Okay, what is up with this????

So, after making my blog private over night, I will now watch my tracker very closely. If I continue to see this kind of activity, I will have to make my blog private. 

I have been blogging for 6 years with most of my readers being people all over the world. I would like to continue blogging, but at what cost? THIS IS MY BLOG!! Seriously!! ALL MINE!! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!

So, if you want to keep reading The Austin Life, you will have to message me (either on Facebook or email or through this blog). If I see this happen again, I will close this blog to the public indefinitely.

Okay, what is up with this???? This is from my statcounter. Comments? Suggestions?

Visitor Analysis & System Spec
Referring URL:
Host Name:pa-67-234-13-120.dhcp.embarqhsd.netBrowser:IE 8.0
IP Address: — [Label IP Address]Operating System:Win7
Location:Liverpool, Pennsylvania, United States Resolution:1600x900
Returning Visits:0 Javascript:Enabled
Visit Length:2 hours 15 mins 1 sec ISP:Embarq Corporation

Navigation Path

18 Sep18:52:37
18 Sep18:53:15
18 Sep18:56:00
18 Sep18:56:08
18 Sep18:58:37
18 Sep19:06:06
18 Sep19:07:50
18 Sep19:12:37
18 Sep19:18:14
18 Sep19:19:31
18 Sep19:23:08
18 Sep19:26:34
18 Sep19:27:56
18 Sep19:28:11
18 Sep19:28:49
18 Sep19:33:03
18 Sep19:36:09
18 Sep19:37:18
18 Sep19:38:40
18 Sep19:39:33
18 Sep19:42:00
18 Sep19:43:03
18 Sep19:43:56
18 Sep19:45:08
18 Sep19:46:29
18 Sep19:48:25
18 Sep19:51:02
18 Sep19:53:04
18 Sep19:54:29
18 Sep19:56:13
18 Sep19:57:42
18 Sep19:58:04
18 Sep20:01:29
18 Sep20:01:49
18 Sep20:02:17
18 Sep20:03:11
18 Sep20:04:15
18 Sep20:05:43
18 Sep20:06:17
18 Sep20:07:43
18 Sep20:08:15
18 Sep20:09:44
18 Sep20:10:16
18 Sep20:12:06
18 Sep20:12:57
18 Sep20:22:58
18 Sep20:23:26
18 Sep20:28:01
18 Sep20:28:42
18 Sep20:29:02
18 Sep20:31:15
18 Sep20:32:04
18 Sep20:34:31
18 Sep20:36:20
18 Sep20:37:37
18 Sep20:38:23
18 Sep20:41:52
18 Sep20:42:17
18 Sep20:42:42
18 Sep20:43:15
18 Sep20:43:42
18 Sep20:44:24
18 Sep20:44:40
18 Sep20:47:39
18 Sep20:48:21
18 Sep20:49:13
18 Sep20:52:54
18 Sep20:53:19
18 Sep20:54:30
18 Sep20:54:49
18 Sep20:55:14
18 Sep20:56:29
18 Sep20:59:03
18 Sep21:00:07
18 Sep21:01:31
18 Sep21:02:15
18 Sep21:03:10
18 Sep21:03:47
18 Sep21:04:58
18 Sep21:05:16
18 Sep21:05:21
18 Sep21:05:38
18 Sep21:07:04
18 Sep21:07:38
Host Name - Red text is the user's host name.
Web Page - Grey text is the webpage visited.
Referring Link - Green text is the referring link
Exit Link - Blue text is the exit link.
Download - Brown text is the download link


Courtney F said...

CREEPY! YIKES YIKES YIKES! You are interesting, but 2 hours on your blog, um, no. Eek! Makes me re-evaluate things too....

The Austin Life said...

See?! Maybe the person will revisit and see that I thought it was creepy. :) nobody is that interesting or has that much free time!