Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Life in Limbo

Just when I thought we had everything kind of under control here, Chris tries to stir the pot, so to speak.

So Thursday we were staying put in Nebraska, at least for now. Friday, that sounded like the plan, too. Saturday we were leaning towards moving just because of the 50% travel. Really, Chris being gone all the time bites. I'm sorry, I like to have my husband at home more than half the time. Really, I am not good at being a single mom. I get lonely at night, sitting in this big, dark house, without cable TV and not always wanting to read. And, usually, by the end of the day, I would rather not keep cleaning and doing laundry, either. By the time I put the kids to bed, Chris in Florida is usually getting ready for bed, too, because of the time change and because he gets up so early to get to MacDill. The kids miss Chris too. To them, he is gone FOREVER. They start misbehaving more by the end of the 2 weeks away, too. There were other reasons for selecting the move on Saturday, but this was my main reason for supporting it. Chris had his own reasons, related to the job and career move, etc. Most of those factors were his concern and the decision in that regard had to come from him.

Sunday Chris was moving back to being uncertain. And, that brings us to today. Today he says we will wait until spring. There are so many factors into the job that there are too many unknowns. Many of the unknowns may be cleared up by spring. For one, we may or may not have a new President. If the existing President remains, there will probably be more defense cuts (as he has done every year since he took office), which means Chris may not have a job no matter where we live. There are other defense cuts, aka sequestration, in the making that may or may not happen FY13. Also, Chris wants to make sure that CENTCOM will continue to need him for the long term. By March or sooner, Chris will know more of these things so he can make a better decision, if his position is still available (as it has been posted over 6 months now).

I see this as a good decision (although I would have supported Chris either way). If we do have to move, listing the house in the spring is smarter. I would prefer to move the kids at the end of the school year so their school is not disrupted. It would give them the summer to get used to their new surroundings. I do know, if he does decision to take the relocation, Chris will move as soon as he says yes, leaving me alone at home to take care of the kids, the house, the house selling, the packing, and the moving nightmare. Although I am not completely excited about doing this, I know I can do it. Also, if Chris decides to take it, he will say he can start in 3 weeks, giving us 3 weeks to cram doing the stuff he needs to help me with. For the most part, I will have him do that stuff NOW just in case. I mean really, they need to be done anyway. This is just a good excuse to push us to get them done, right?

We know things happen for a reason (although I really hate that line), but sometimes things happen "because you're stupid and make bad decision." We do not want the latter to happen to us.

So, we will live in Limbo a bit longer. In the mean time, I will clean up and clear out JUST IN CASE a Florida move is in our future. If we stay, at least we will be living in a clean and organized house, right?


Courtney F said...

You are so smart to downsize now. I am trying to do the same, because we know this house is temporary. I hope you have a positive final answer soon, until then, I am praying for you! Take care!

The Austin Life said...

We are even considering selling Chris' car!! I know, crazy! But, he works at home and rarely goes anywhere. If we move, we do not want to move it to Florida. If we stay, he wants to get a jeep. We are still worried that if our car breaks down, we will be in trouble. So...we will see...