Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good Bye 365 Project

I am finally saying good bye to the 365 project after a year and a half of daily picture posting. Ugh, it is exhausting. I stopped having fun in January of 2012, and it just got worse as I continued. I felt like it was homework that I dreaded doing. Why was I doing it? I had completed a year, so I no longer saw the point.

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot in the process. Taking a picture every day gave me an opportunity to stop and see and capture the smallest of moments, to see the world and all its beauty, and to see how our camera actually works! I still want to get a zoom lens on our camera, and I hope to do that sooner than later. I will continue to take pictures, but I would rather take them for fun instead because I have to.

My last image was posted on the 365 Project on September 13. For now, I have not closed my account, but I probably will. It was fun while it lasted.

Now, onto the next challenge!

Here are some of my 365 favorites from year 2, at least the ones I do not believe I have posted on here.

My final image

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Courtney F said...

These are great! Congrats on making it so far! I think I will close my acct too since it has been over a month since I even thought about it. I am so glad I met you through it! :-)