Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coming Out of His Shell

A month into both girls being in school, Asher is coming out of his shell. He has a big imagination and an even bigger heart. He has gotten out toys that I would have gotten rid of a month ago because he never played with them.

Now, we have a little routine. We are still active, going some place nearly every day. Some days, it is just better to stay at home and play soccer (which he is good at!), baseball (which he is also good at) and his many cars. Asher is good at playing alone with his big imagination, but is teaching me to like playing with cars and keeping active chasing after him at the park or playing soccer.

We are enjoying the time we have "just the 2 of us." I am lucky that I get to share this time with sweet little Asher. He is so polite, rarely whiny (when he is home alone) and naps right away whenever I ask. He usually only naps 1-2 times a week. We have "quiet" time after lunch and watch Caillou. :) He loves that show.

Today we enjoyed lunch with the girls at school. Asher suggested it, as I believe he missed them. He misses Addison most, his little playmate. Addison misses him, too. They will always be best friends.
Lunch with Addison and Alivia

Soccer Boy

Time for Ball!

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