Wednesday, September 07, 2011

9-11, In Memory

On Tuesday, Asher and I had a fun filled day. We started off at the Children's Museum for Members hour. Then, it was off to do some birthday shopping. On the way, we stopped by Memorial Park where they have a special flag display there right now with a flag for each life lost on 9-11-01. I was so moved to see all the names on all the flags, seeing a little girl who was only 8 to the so many that were at the "safety" of their workplace. As I sat down to capture a picture, I was surprised from behind by a news reporter from a local news station (WOWT) and interviewed on how 9-11 changed me and where I was on that day. That day showed me how precious our life is, acted as a reminder to be thankful for each day as if it is our last, and to be thankful for the freedoms we do have here in the USA.

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