Monday, March 10, 2014

Up to 17 miles!

I was not sure what I was going to do for a long run yesterday with my knee the way it was. I was down for 17 miles according to my training. When I saw the weather, I decided to go for it. Saturday night I got onto MapMyRun and found a good 17 mile run from my house. Gees, that seems so far! Anyway, if you are on MapMyRun, let me know. It was a great find through our neighborhood nextdoor. I took some ibuprofen before I went running, loaded up my water bottle and my cliff chews and set out.

I ran from our home to walnut creek, running around the far side of the lake around to turn off behind Jenson tire. There is a tunnel, a long creepy tunnel, that takes the trail under highway 370, connecting up along 96th street on the other side. I ran down the hill, under 96th and headed East towards Halleck park in papillion. I ran past the park until my watch said 8.5 miles, then turned around and ran the same trail back.  Total 17.1 miles.

I liked the trail. Seemed peaceful. I don't like running around zorinsky so many times, so this offered a good balance. The papio trail was busy with bikers. I only saw one runner. The winds were a major challenge, up to 25 mph (although they seemed higher), mostly at my sides and face and a little at my back (not complaining about my back though).

My knee was okay until mile 11 when it started going out a bit. I walked a bit and continued on. I ran out of water (I didn't fill my bottle) and my blood sugar dropped about mile 12. I got home and immediately ate an apple and a larabar and drank a bottle of water. Last week after running 9 miles one day, my blood sugar dropped and I didn't eat quick enough after running, selecting to shower and prepare dinner first. By the time I ate dinner,my body refused it. It was not pretty. And, I had to go to work afterwards! Ugh.

Yesterday, I felt nauseous most of the rest of the day. I spent the evening trying to do as little as possible so I would not get sick, drinking as much as possible after dinner. It worked, but barely. I think I need to eat more chews due on my run. I'll try that next week.

So, next week is 18 miles. I hope to select a nice weather day and run the same run, just running a half mile farther before turning back. And, I'll stick to premedicating. As for this week, I think I'll cross train every day but maybe get one longer run in during the mid week. We will see. My knee is so stiff today.

Moving forward...

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Courtney F said...

Just be careful on yourself! I swear, you're a bionic woman. Nothing can stop you, just make sure you have some cartilage left once the marathon is over. So proud of you, just hope you're safe too