Friday, March 07, 2014

Asher & Me Day

Today Asher had school off due to kindergarten round up for next year's kiddos. So, we had a Mommy and Asher Date day all day!

I forgot how much energy Asher has. He can go and go and go and go. He is like a little energizer bunny. We went out to the Nebraska Crossing outlet malls. I was impressed. Very nice stores but the set up is weird. It is nice to have so many options close to home. I was wishing I would have checked it out alone though. I wanted Asher to select a gift for Chris for his birthday next month. He ran all over, asking if it was lunch starting at 10. :) Typical boy in that he does not like to shop, but he does like to buy stuff for himself.

After shopping, we used a Groupon I had to Orange Leaf Yogurt. Asher and I used to go there all the time when he was at home with me. Yummy.

We did a little more shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods where Asher insisted on working out on the elliptical, boxing with the bags, and running on the treadmills. Where does this boy get all of his energy?!?!

Back at home, his friend Henry came over to play. They jumped on the bouncer, played air hockey and now have cars spread out all over the entry way. Boys...I tell you. I can never keep up with them. :)

It was fun to have him at home for the day. Next week I get all the kids at home for their spring break. I wonder if I will think that is fun, too. :) Let's hope so...

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