Saturday, March 08, 2014

My Decision

After a few job interviews and two offers, I accepted a job with a local float pool as a nurse. I will be traveling between hospitals in the Omaha area. I still don't get benefits but the pay is better and I can pick the hours I work (so I don't have to work holidays!). For the next two months, I will be working a lot of hours while I orient. In June, if not sooner, I will only be required to work 24 hours a month. I will work more than that during the year and about that during the summer months. I'm hoping this job will provide a good balance without the stress of my previous position. With that said, I have stayed on as a on call nurse at my old job as back up. I picked up one more shift there before I start orientation at my new job.

Getting a new job is scary. I can not see why Chris dragged his feet for so long. Ready or not, here I come!

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Courtney F said...

Congrats! I hate new jobs too, but I bet it will be for the better. You can do this!