Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Lego Movie Review

Spring Break Day 2 brought cloudy, windy skies (followed by some rain currently) and cooler temperatures. What a great day to catch a movie! So, we went to the local movies where they were having $5 Tuesdays with Free POPCORN! What a deal!

We checked in and selected our sticky seat. :) Just FYI, our theater at least, does not allow for sling sports bags. The guy totally checked my bag (luckily missing my water bottle inside). Seriously, he gave me the 5th degree. It was not as big as some handbags! Good to know for my next visit in a year to the movies. Just saying.

Anyway, back to the movie. The previews came on...without sound. It was actually kinda nice, peaceful in fact. They remembered to turn on the sound just before the feature presentation luckily.

The Lego Movie was okay. It kept the kids' attention. It did not keep my attention as well as lets say Frozen did, but that goes without saying. The kids loved it, and I guess that is what is important. My opinion does not matter too much.

After the movies, the kids all went to neighbors' homes to play. It was pretty weird having them all out of the house! I took Addison to piano, we ate dinner, and then Addison's sleepover guest arrived. It seems as if we have a sleepover every other night (Alivia just had one Sunday night at our home). I guess it is good the kids like to stay home with friends, at least for now we are fun.

What will tomorrow bring? The question is, will I have any energy to entertain tomorrow? We shall see.

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