Friday, March 07, 2014

Down on my Knee

So, I took a few days off of running due to cold and injury.

It didn't help. My knee is still a mess. UGH.

So, I googled runner's knee. That's what I have. Great. Now what? It says to do strengthening exercises. I ALREADY DO THEM!

I am thinking of cross training with maybe a couple light running days during the week and try to pull of my long runs on weekends. I just don't know. At this point, I probably really need to rest it and back off the running. If the weather permits, I plan on running 17 miles on Sunday after having Saturday completely off ( and today I cross trained). I can only hope I can pull this off. If I can't, I will take a complete week off and try to pull off another long run next weeekend and see if rest helped at all. ??? I am not a doctor (not even close) and I am not one for rest. But, I am crying through my runs, and a swear work may come out uncontrollably with the last few miles. Just is brutal.

What was I thinking? My Dad always said make lofty goals, but this marathon goal is killing me.

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