Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Turn

All winter I have been bragging about my nurse immunity, how I rarely get sick.

Well, now it is my turn.

Sunday night after some friends left, I came inside the house and just did not feel right. Within minutes, I was couch bound. Within an hour, I had intense nausea causing me to go to bed and have Chris put the kids to bed (I am sure this annoyed him).

Next came the vomiting. Sorry, there is no pretty way to say it. It was the all night kind of stuff, with chills, sleeping on the cold, tile bathroom floor, fun stuff.

At 5 am as I weakly ran to the bathroom again, I told Chris, "PLEASE call in sick today for me!"

I just could not imagine getting up out of bed, getting Alivia ready for school, and taking care of Addison and Asher all day when I could not even see straight.

Chris called in. What a man!

Monday I did absolutely nothing, in bed. I ate Texas toast and some dry cereal and that was about it. The vomiting stopped, but the nausea had not.

Tuesday I felt better. Still somewhat nauseated, but better. I tried eating pears at lunch, the only real thing that sounded good. That went okay. By dinner, I thought I would dry some dry pasta and garlic bread.  That did not go over so good.

I was awake at 4 am with abdominal pain again.

Then, came phase 2...bathroom trips for the other reason. Nice. Alivia had it a little, Asher a little, me a lot. Come on already?! Is this payback for something?

I had stuff to take the kids to feed the ducks that flew away, mow the lawn, ya know, that kind of stuff. I somehow got through the day on more pears and saltines. By bedtime, I was a mess again, all nauseated.

Today, I feel a little better again. I was still a little sick in the morning, but by lunch noodle soup sounded good. I was only a little nauseated after eating it. So, that is progress.

Funny thing is...I feel preggers. However, I know for certainty I am not. That came as a big relief to Chris, who would like to retire someday, preferably without kids at home before he is 80.

Now, I sit here, looking forward to feeling like my old self again.

Okay...maybe I would prefer to just feel like myself, and leave out the old part. Maybe that is my problem.

Update: As of today, Friday, I am much improved. I have eaten normally, finally, today, even having chocolate. It tasted that is a pretty good gauge. :)

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