Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Happy Easter!

Our Easter began quite early getting ready for 7:30 Mass. There were the curlers, hair glaze (for Asher) and of course, the sneak peek at the Easter baskets. Then, it was off to Mass.

The Mass was packed, as expected, with a wonderful Homily of Easter. I always love Easter Mass.

Once at home, it was time for the Easter Egg hunt. Every year the kids get a little older and take to the egg hunt a little differently. Asher, still slow, but he got so excited when he saw his blue eggs. Addison, she ran all over so excited to look for the purple eggs the Easter Bunny left for her in our backyard. Alivia...oh dear Alivia. She immediately was mad because she did not see as many pink eggs as she saw blue or purple ones (although we gave each of the kids the same amount). She did find all of hers, questioning if I was sure the Easter Bunny hid them...although I never really answered her.

Once inside, Asher opened his eggs dividing the candy into piles - his like pile and he "yucky" pile. Addison excitingly opened her eggs, thrilled to see money in some of them. Alivia, well, she was mad because she did not get the same candy and could not find her dollar bills quick enough. Seriously, there was a lot of drama.

It was soon time to pick up Grandma Marci and head to my parents on the farm. Dinner was fabulous (but filled with more drama from Alivia. Not sure what the deal was. Could she be THAT tired?). The kids played outside on this beautiful Easter that just kept getting better. The kids had another egg hunt, again divided by color. The kids acted much the same way as they did at home (Alivia was still mad about everything). It was a fun hunt. There are so many places to hide the eggs on the farm! And, Grandma and Grandpa have such good candy (The Austin Easter Bunny kept eating the candy before it got into the eggs!).

The kids had a little hunt for the goodie bag from Grandma and Grandpa (Alivia's in the shower, Addison's in the crib, and Asher in the dryer. It was cute to see them figure out where their bag was).

It was a fun day. I believe our kids, mostly Alivia, were exhausted. They all said the had a good Easter at bedtime, and that is all that is important. And, again, it was wonderful to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with family.

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