Thursday, December 03, 2009

God Meant It

As I was driving East on L Street on our way back home from picking up Addison from preschool, I saw a billboard that stated, "When I said, "Love They Neighbor" I meant it. -God."

As you all know, we struggled with whether or not to move, with selling our beloved home that happened to be next to the worst neighbors on the planet earth, and then our move was the most stressful and dramanic experience ever! Once we moved into our new home, we uncovered things in the home that we overlooked when looking at it. Perhaps we had to live in the home and experience it to see the shortfalls of the home. Chris and I are both struggling to be happy with our new pad. Yes, it is bigger, and yes, it is newer, but we are missing a lot of things that we just expected in any home (like a coat closet! or maybe a door on the bathroom! or even a linen closet!). I know, what picky ****s! No home is perfect. We know that, but we struggled to get into this house and it has just fallen short of our expectations. We now have a long list of to do's that need to be done to make this home more functional. Some of the shortfalls are repairable, where some just are not. We are just sad that we thought we were buying a home we would be in until our children were grown, but now we are not so sure we can stick it out in this house until spring! Okay, we will last that long...just not sure how much longer after that.

For now, I will see about mounting our TV above the mantel in the family room,booking contractors to build a coat closet and maybe find some shutters for the windows so we can take a shower without a crowd of home building contractors watching from outside the window. Ahhh...home sweet home. On the bright side...we do not have any neighbors and we can watch the geese outside while we eat our breakfast. And, from now on, we will just "Love The Neighbor."


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