Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Addison's first birthday party invite

Jumping AddisonBig SlideJumping AddisonSay Cheese!Time for Cake!

Sunday was Addison's first birthday party. Her preschool friend Max turned four and celebrated by inviting his classmates to BOUNCE U. Addison was super excited, and I was told, Max could not stop talking about Addison since school started in the fall.

We arrived at 2:30, got some quick instructions, and then started jumping. Addison jumped and ran all over as I watched. The birthday party kiddos were the only ones jumping, but it was still busy. After an hour of jumping and play, Addison was exhausted. She did play a bit with her friend Max. They seemed to get along well. Now, if she was a teenager, I would have been worried. But, since Addison is only 3, I found it to be cute. Little Max is a sweet little boy just as Addison is a sweet little girl. Next came cake and presents, then Addison was more than ready for the treat bag and to go home.

Addison had fun! Bounce U is a fun place to have a party. However, in the winter, be prepared to bring home more than a few memories. I brought home a cold and have not had a voice since early Monday morning (I worked both Saturday and Sunday night and then did not sleep much on Sunday or at all on Monday, so that did not help). But, if you ask Addison, it was so worth it!

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