Tuesday, March 18, 2008


As you can see from the picture above, Asher will not be having any dairy products anytime soon. That is actually a small example. Yuck! Chris, Asher, and I change our clothes many times a day. I have been off dairy products, for the most part, for a while now, seeing good results. However, I tend to sneak in a bite of chocolate or cheese here and there, and that leads to the above. So, I have to go to the store today and buy things I can eat instead (there are many substitutes actually). Yesterday, I had to resort to Cheerios for snack because it was the only snacky thing I could find without milk (there are only so many fruits and vegetables I can eat in a day). I also do not think Asher is tolerating soy, but that is yet to be determined. As for Asher starting cereal, um, I think I will wait. Can you imagine how messy that would be right now? His poor tummy needs to figure out how to digest breastmilk first. He is, however, sleeping through the night! That is so exciting (but I do miss him at night). I feed him at 7:30-8PM (he sometimes can not wait until 8) and wakes between 5-6am!

My back is now back to 85% probably. I went to a chiropractor last week. I am not sure if it helped my body, but it helped my mind. I am back taking my occasional jogs and carrying 2 kids at a time. Oh, the life of a SAHM is backbreaking!

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