Sunday, March 09, 2008

Got Milk?

Our household is currently in a milk boycott. Chris has known that he has had a milk allergy for 7 years or so. When he was diagnosed, his allergist said that Chris' reaction was the worst he had seen in an adult. The funny thing is, Chris can tolerate milk and dairy products to a certain extent. For example, he does splash some skim milk on his cereal and can have cheese pizza. He loves milkshakes, but usually can only sample them because he has a reaction. He does not like most dairy products, though, so he is lucky in that regard I guess. His reaction? His throat swells, hiccups, and sometimes wheezing. Not a good thing.

At a year, Addison had a milk intolerance. She was okay when eating dairy products but milk itself went right through her. So, I cut it out. She ate cheese and yogurt fine, though. So, about a month ago, I started to give her milk again. Slowly, I added milk to her cereal. She loved it! Then, a couple weeks ago, we started to give her milk to drink. Um, where did these hives come from? It started as a small rash and developed into this neck to toe thing (so far, nothing on her face). The only thing we could think of that was new was milk and a new shampoo. So, back to the old shampoo and back to soy milk. I am doing a milk elimination to see if her hives go away.

Now, onto Asher. The boy is constantly spitting up. Sometimes small amounts, but many times large amounts. Chris watched him for a few minutes on Friday when I ran out to get our pizza. And, he had enough. Asher's pediatrician wanted to see if it was reflux and called in Zantac. I, however, was not convinced. I wanted to see if it could be dairy for him, too. I know a couple of Moms who took out dairy in their diet while breastfeeding and it really made a difference. I love dairy, so this is a big deal. I have gone without ANY dairy (including things like croutons & chips where the package says may contain milk) for 2 days. The result? Asher is rarely fussy and did not spit up at all today. I will continue this for a week, and then try to reintroduce dairy to see if for sure it is dairy. If it is, it will be a long few months until he is a year. I rarely eat meat, so without dairy, my diet will be rather boring. (I mistakenly said that I was going to die without my cheese in front of Alivia and Alivia said, "Mommy, I don't want you to die!" Ooops, I have to watch my language now!! Too much Bambi for her.).

So, for now? Got milk? Well, Alivia is the only one 'round here saying, "More please!"

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