Saturday, March 01, 2008

Asher at 3 months...

Asher turned 3 months old on Friday! At his apt last week when he had the ear infection, he was 11lb 11oz! He is getting so big! He is sleeping better now, too. He eats last at 8 pm and then wakes once to eat between 3-4, then sleeping again until 7-8 usually. Now, for his 3 month present, I quit my job!  My official last day was yesterday. Asher has started to coo, laugh and likes to smile at Mommy, Daddy, Alivia and especially Addison (she is at his level a lot when I am carrying the 2 of them). Asher is not a fan of tummy time, as he usually spits up his lunch several times while on his tummy. So, he does not get tummy time too often. He loves to ride in the car and has just started to like stroller rides (in the mall or outside).Today he had his pictures taken with his sisters, and he smiled for us!

 We will continue to enjoy every moment of Baby Asher!

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