Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tiny Steps at a Time

In the last couple of days, Alivia & Addison have both decided that they are big girls now. Alivia has now started to insist on using adult silverware at meals now! After 3 years of plastic toddlerware, this is a big step. Addison is now taking her booster chair and moving it the floor so she can sit on her chair without it. She prefers to sit on the stool at the table, though.She is also doing really well using a spoon and fork, so she is needing less of Mommy's help. Now, if she can just keep her food on her plate and not throw it, we will be set. On the other hand, Addison has developed a little separation anxiety. I have a really difficult time with this stage. In the last couple of days, she has started to cry when she takes a nap and at night time after 18 months of going right down to sleep. It is so sad to see her so upset when I walk away. She quiets right down, though, luckily. Hopefully this will be a brief thing, because Mommy and Daddy have hearts and it is heartbreaking to see little Addison so upset.

So, our little girls are trying to grow up a little. Luckily, they are taking tiny steps at a time.

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