Thursday, January 31, 2008

4 Year Anniversary & Get Lost

Today marks 4 years since Chris and I made our marriage official in the Catholic Church (we will celebrate 9 years of overall marriage this August). To celebrate, we ordered a pizza last night during Lost AFTER the girls went to bed. If you have kids, you understand why we ate AFTER the kids are in bed. Someday I will get to eat it when I am not nursing. too. Tonight is Get "Lost" we decided to not go out for our anniversary so we can watch LOST. Afterall, we have waited long enough to see it.

In the last 4 years since our Catholic Wedding, Chris and I have had 3 children. Humm, I wonder if there is any relation to that? Our home has changed from a quiet home with Chris and I and 2 cats, to an active one with 3 kids and only 1 cat (Sorry, Cosmo had to go). Next year will be a big year for us as we celebrate 5 years of Catholic marriage and 10 years of total marriage. Looking forward to every moment with the man I love enough to have married twice.

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