Sunday, March 03, 2013

February 2013 in Review

 We got through February bringing us one step closer to warmer days (PLEASE!). There were snow days (too many), visits to the zoo and OCM, open gym, Jumpin Jax, Valentine's Day parties, play dates, sleepovers on the farm, and so much more. Chris finished up his big ol widget and lost a few hairs in that 10 month long process. Gees! His team is lucky to have snagged a whopper contract that will keep him safe for a few years (no thanks to the drama Obama team and apocalypse sequestration.) So, whew! That is something we do not want to experience again (and hopefully I will be working if it does!). We are so thankful he took the contract in Florida moving onto a team out of Philly so he could keep his job. He does not think his old team was so it was all about making hard choices that kept his job this time. Thank God for watching out for us! Onto March, Girls on the Run, swim lessons, a birthday maybe, Easter, an adventure or 2, and maybe, just maybe spring?

So, Chris finished the month with a few days off after working 13 hour days for the last 2. I think he found it nice just to chill and rest his coding brain a bit. He continues Insanity work outs when he can and is trying to cut out drinking Coke (oh, help him!).
Alivia remains as social as ever. There are days were her teenage years that are coming sneak in. We wish they could stay young forever. She is such a sweet girl, generally. :)
Addison was sick less in February (but started off March getting sick!). We will get there I hope. She likes to play her her bestie little friend from school and play with her many stuffed dogs.
Asher is a wild 5 year old who is never tired. I take him places that wear me out and he still wants more. Where does he get his energy? He likes to play with his friends, but he likes to stay in and play cars and pirates with Mommy and Daddy, too.
Me. Yeah, nothing ever changes with me. I stopped looking for a job when Chris secured his, cancelling a pharma interview (I could not go to work now anyway, not yet). I know now that I need suits before I apply in the fall so I am prepared. For now, I will just keep being a Mom and trying to stay sane. :)

Happy March and Bring on Spring!

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Courtney F said...

YAY!!! I am so HAPPY that you guys had a happy ending to this story. So glad that you can enjoy a few more months at home without the stress. Phew!