Monday, March 11, 2013

Mommy's Birthday

Last week was my birthday.

I hate my birthday. My parents say I used to talk about my birthday months in advance when I was a kid (much like my kids do now). They say I loved my birthday. But, over the years (and there have been many birthdays now), I have grown to not like my birthday. Not only am I getting older, a year older at a time, but my birthday tends to end with disappointment. As adults, our birthday, at least now, is just another day.

Unfortunately, this year was not much different.

With that said, Asher and I tried to go out and have a little fun. We loaded up in the car and set out. I had a store I wanted to visit, lululemon.

We ran a few errands, visiting Von Maur shopping for Chris' upcoming birthday, shopping at a few Village Pointe stores before ending up at Lululemon. That store is cool if you are into cool work out gear. The host, I believe, wears things from there. I did not buy anything as Asher was not into shopping or allowing me to try anything on. But, I looked a lot. :) Somehow Asher and I ended up at Orange Leaf at Village Pointe. Yummy. We had fun together. 

At home after school, Chris had made me a chocolate chocolate cake. It was really yummy and pretty. I am impressed with his cake decorating skills. I asked the kids where they wanted to eat for dinner. You'd think I asked them where to go to get their teeth pulled or something. Mamas Pizza was too far so they wanted to go to 5 Guys (where I would have had a grilled cheese). Somehow Chris convinced them to go to Mamas. Next year I am picking. :)

The kids gave me a gift card to Orange Leaf while Chris gave me a napkin holder and a gift card. In all fairness, I had dropped a line about wanting a napkin holder. Chris knew he would receive some flack for his gift giving skills this year or lack their of. I joked that I am going to give him a keychain for his upcoming birthday (payback is hell! :) ).

My birthday was okay. It really is just another day with an additional year tacked on to my age. Birthdays are what you make of them. So, from now on, I am going to plan my own day. I am very thoughtful about making everyone else have wonderful birthdays, so it is my turn to make mine wonderful...starting with next year's birthday! It is going to be fabulous!

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Courtney F said...

The life of a mom! I used to love my birthday and then I hated getting older. However, in 2012 we learned that birthdays are gifts, so we love them again. Plan your own party and make it fabulous (or at least a trip to the spa). Happy birthday!!!