Monday, March 11, 2013

Summer Sick

I am sick of winter or summer sick. Like being home sick, summer sick is the term I am using for missing summer. Bring on the green grass to mow, the pool, the sunshine, the suncreen. the bugs, the bike rides, long evening walks after dinner, soccer, daily running, lemonade, ice cream, etc, etc.

No More Snow!

The kids had a teacher in service on Friday, making this last weekend another 4 day weekend since today was yet another snow day. I am not sure what this means for spring break (or will the kids be going back to school after labor day?). I can not keep up with the ever changing schedules. All I know, is I want it to be warm. Yes, it is March and I know I am to expect variable temperatures. But really, enough is enough.

I shoveled the wet snow while Chris snow blowed the fluffy snow last night for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Today, I shoveled the driveway, returning in the afternoon to shovel our never ending side walks. Chris wants me to do Insanity with him! Really?!??! NO!! I was the insane one that shoveled, thank you very much (I really need to learn to use the snow blower).

I keep saying, we can live anywhere we want to, so why do we live in this snowy tundra? :)

Summer...I miss you.


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Courtney F said...

I agree! I am so tired of snow. It is time for summer!!!!